Finally a chef uses their imagination to create a fun #Caribbean menu with mass appeal, yet retains the all so important authentic taste of #Caribbean food. We are talking about @Dubplateskitchen

#DubplatesKitchen is a pop-up, fusing together #Caribbean and #British #food They have featured in prestige venues such as @kewgardens catered for@Adidasuk and been invited to pop-up at one of #GordanRamseys restaurants, which is where the @mandemvfood team came across Dub Plates Kitchen.

It was so refreshing to see a Caribbean menu minus the typical options; portions of #jerkchicken or#stewchicken or #currygoat or #oxtail all plonked on a plate swimming in #gravy served with half a plate of #riceandpeas.

DBK1Instead the Dubplates Kitchen menu only had 4 main options to choose from, with additional sides such as seasoned fries and coleslaw. The Man Dem sampled two mains. First #sorrel & #chilli #wings freshly cooked, succulent meat, it was a pleasure sinking teeth into these wings. The mouthwatering sauce sent tastebuds off on a journey it had never been before, the type of journey you want to venture alone and stop sharing the rest of the wings lol.

Next it was time for the #currygoatslider Now usually #jerkchicken is a popular choice, but since this wasn’t available on the menu #mandemvfood took a punt on the Curry Goat Slider. If it all went Pete Tong (wrong) we could just order more wings innit!

Well! Instead of ordering more wings, we hastily ordered more #sliders This slider contained strips of #CurryGoat #lettuce#carrots glazed in a delicious sauce, 2 strips of #plantain sandwiched between two #brioche #buns (essential the bun is brioche!)

Service with a smile, the chefs and waitresses were very busy, but didn’t let that effect the level of service. Having the pop-up in a Gordan Ramsey restaurant certainly was a world away from your usual shocking service from local Caribbean eateries, and it is something we hope continues.

Reggae and raregroove being spun by a live DJ on old skool vinyl decks. The menu was a real vinyl record,  the clientele was cosmopolitan, the ambiance was lively, cool, trendy, upmarket, all rolled into one. This felt like a new world. The cocktails went down a treat too! Dub Plates Kitchen has taken Caribbean dining out to a new level. The Man Dem will be on the hunt for future locations.