@dubjambbq on Bedford street #CoventGarden boasts an authentic #Jamaican feel as you enter, anything to do with the #Caribbean the Man Dem are involved! The main purpose of the visit …….. #Patties! let #pattywars BEGIN!!!! 

IMG_2221The #patty or as they call it the #happypatty or #happypatties is not your traditional shape, our first question was, “will this be more pastry than filling?” The Man Dem were pleasantly surprised the #pastry was as it should be light, fluffy and flakey, with a hint of flavour, could Dub Jam rival the Jamaican Patty Company?
@mandemvfood decided to opt for the #currygoat or #curriedgoat #pattywhich which to our surprise, actually contained pieces of curry goat, very lightly seasoned, the ultimate taste test would be substituting the pastry for a plate of #riceandpeas and giving a plate Duncan at the barbershop, to see how it goes down, but all in all tasty and a decent size.
It may sound odd to say, but we can honestly say in the 20 mins sat in @dubjambbq we could have been tricked into thinking we were in Jamaica IMG_2220listening to “Jah Hear my Plee” by #DonCarlos.  The space is a little cramped, as it seems there were only three tables. We were informed down stairs is a cocktail bar, but the full menu does not apply, perfect for lunch, but if your a party of 5 or more you will struggle unless you’re taking away.
We looked at the menu and saw the #price and asked what it came with #shock #horror it came with nothing, just the patty, now not to be #unprofessional and call names but £7 for a patty is a likkle on the expensive side! @jamaicapattyco #JPC have a £5 #mealdeal, #peppersandspice sell patties for under £2 so wha gwan with ya price @dubjambbq you did a gwan well until then? We agree the product is quality but it like charging £7 for #wasbipeas in #Chelsea !!

The concept is nice, but tight. The #restaurant has an authentic feel. IMG_2225The #patty was of a high quality and looking at the menu there are many more things to try, suggesting the #MDVF will be back, even if it’s just to get a smile from the chef and the waitress (wink wink). Good service and interaction. But jah know £7 for a patty is steep, we don’t care if it’s #CoventGarden