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The #ManDem have recently been overindulging with the #burger reviews, so have to be on a #healthy flex for at least 1 review before we start doing diet reviews instead!

We found a hidden gem in #Hoxton#TheWillow. In the heart of trendy land, those not in the know (I.e not trendy) will mistake The Willow for only selling flowers, and walk straight past it unless it is Mother’s Day, Valentines Day or any other day when we tend to buy flowers for. Keeping with trendy land shop there is no shop signage. However there is a reason why every lunch time the queue runs out on to the pavement.

Fresh, tasty, colourful and surprisingly filling. #ManDem went for the fullwillow2 monty “Everything” option. Along with your base of vegetables, you also receive an assortment of chicken strips, rice, pasta, baby potatoes (with skin) and small pieces of quiche. The piece de resistance is the balsamic vinegar dressing. This separates Willow’s outstanding #salad from your run of the mill massed produced but pleasant salad, from high street supermarkets.

Friendly, polite and fast which is very important when on your lunch break. You can also pre-order and beat the queues.

The Willow logoOverall:
£3.95 for a medium salad is pretty fair considering how filling it is and the quality of the produce. If you are in #Hoxton during lunch time, look out for the flower shop with no sign, and replace your lunch time burger with a salad! Who said healthy food couldn’t be tasty!