Sniper shots...this is a burger war!

A relatively new player in the UK burger scene, but one that has been making waves in the #USA for a long time @fiveguys How will it fair with the @mandemvfood? Are Five Guys ready for the #burgerwars or is it all #hype ???

The concept is simple, burgers, burgers and more #burgers  oh and #hotdogs if you’re that way inclined. Numerous fillings are on offer, however be careful, what you may expect to be standard fillings, you may actually have to ask for (included in the price of course).

The burgers were juicy, freshly cooked to order, with the perfect mix of flavours, not too salty like Fat Burger and not with a flavour missing like Stokey Bears The burger #buns were warm and soft adding to the taste, the bread almost melts with every bite. It’s important to note that the #fries are fried in peanut oil, so those with allergies beware! However the fries taste maaaahd! And the amount you get for a small is insane.

Nothing much to say here, it’s busy, noisy and possibly will take awhile to receive your order. But the till staff are smiley and efficient (wonder if they get free burgers?). There is a system where the number on your ticket is called out similar to @argos If you miss that, you miss out!!! So stay alert coz a hungry man is an angry man!

£10 – £12 quid all in, is that #steep? A little #expensive? Some would say yes, but the taste of the burger, the amount of fries you get and the bottomless drink offer with nearly 100 flavour options makes it worth it to the #mandem, and will to you too, even if it’s only once in a blue moon that you visit #fiveguys

This is a rapidly expanding chain, and restaurants are popping up all over the place. Five Guys is definitely one to sample, and in the#mandems view one who is taking sniper shots at other burger joints in this War of the Burgers!

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