I (Sweet Tooth) was first to arrive (this is becoming a habit lol) but terrible start! #kmt Firstly, I think I must have turned into the invisible man on my way here!! Either that or I accidentally got covered with the invisibility cloak of #HarryPotter and didn’t know! (But more about that later) On top of that the #Mandem table’s not even remotely ready yet… they are only cleaning it now and man’s on time!!! Come on @absurdbird this is us giving you lot a second chance here man #helpusout

I wait a further 5mins and the rest of the mandem arrive and the table’s ready… finally we can get to the food!

STARTERS: Do we really need to go there? You know what it is… we ordered wings! What else.

And as we have our very own wing expert I think we’ll let him break it down for you…

THE MANAGER: Hmmmm, late again but you know what, after our first visit I didn’t even care, can’t remember what we scored it, but it wasn’t the greatest. But the Man Dem said let’s give them a second chance… for me, if you mess up my food that’s it, done, we over, but them man seem to have more heart than I, maybe due to it being a new year and all.

The last time we came I had some rubbish excuse for a chicken burger, semi vex because since the last visit one of the man dem have been banging on about the Bao buns, again vex because I had some spicy chicken burger that wasn’t spicy (Do I sound like I’m holding a grudge? Oh well!)

Ok, ok… let’s move to the current. We ordered a selection of wings BBQ, Buffalo, smoked and the special of the day wings which were Japanese style Salt & Chilli.

Mixed feeling about them all, the man dem got into a heated debate about which were best, but take it from me, the BBQ wings were on point, and even better than them were the Specials! OMG I could have eaten 8, the BBQ were perfect in regard to the sauce. Sometimes establishments over do it, or under do it sauce wise but these were finger licking good (I’m sure that’s from somewhere, ahhh it’s all chicken) my one minus point would be to the grade of chicken that’s being used.

Personally, I think they and a lot of other establishments need to up their viva in regard to the quality, it’s not bad, but spending a few more pennies makes the difference. The waiter made a joke to suggest that the wings were big, I’m like these ain’t nothing in comparison to what White Men Can’t Jerk push out, but hey I guess he never came to the Hot Wing competition!

The final flavour of wings that I want to talk about were the specials… the flavour of the month… garlic, chilli, lightly salted! If the Earth was about to be destroyed by Beerus, a plate of these wings would stop him in his tracks (big up the Dragon Ball Super fans). Deep fried, lightly seasoned, the batter over the wings was perfect and the garlic and chilli I almost wanted to mix the leftover garnish in rice and have a next experience! Make sure you try these!

SWEET TOOTH: Of the starters, my favourite was the Smoked Chicken. I found them very flavoursome and reminiscent of home cooked roast chicken. I also enjoyed the Japanese style and BBQ Chicken flavours. I didn’t even attempt to try the Buffalo as I’m not a fan of the Buffalo flavour.

From the last visit here I knew what I wanted for my main… #sliders I might hold ah portion of sweet potato fries but man ain’t too fussed! Sliders first… everything else is secondary! Bearing in mind the skin teet inducing 50% discount we were getting on this visit, I decided I’m gonna gorge n order BIG! I ordered 5 of the “Dirty buns & sliders” (see previous review for description of what these are at: https://mandemvfood.wordpress.com/2017/07/10/pepper-mans-revolution/ ) 1 x Fried Chicken Slider, 1 x Marinated Grilled Chicken Dirty Bun, 1 x BBQ Pulled Chicken Slider and 2 x Fried Chicken Dirty Bun. I have reviewed all the above, except the BBQ Pulled Chicken Slider, in our previous review as I only had 3 of these delicious mini burgers last time, so I will still give them a mention but not go so in depth.

Last time I visited I ranked them in order of favourite as, 1st: Fried Chicken Slider, 2nd: Fried Chicken Dirty Bun, 3rd: Marinated Grilled Chicken Dirty Bun so I’m glad for the opportunity to see how each ranks this time round and where the BBQ Pulled Chicken Slider fits in my assessment.

The BBQ Pulled Chicken Slider simply consists of pulled chicken in a smokey BBQ sauce, “topped with crispy onion” (as per menu description) in a mini brioche roll, but the crispy onion was more like mini battered onion rings. It was an average option for me but maybe that’s because I expected the crispy onion to be the chopped up version you would get on a hot dog so was inadvertently disappointed.

This time round I ordered the Fried Chicken Slider without the pimento cheese. I thought I did that the last time too and was shocked to find I didn’t. lol Although it was still very tasty and I liked the combination of the well fried chicken with the salt / sweet taste of the bacon jam in mini brioche roll, something was missing… I know now that it was the lack of the pimento cheese.

I remembered the Marinated Grilled Chicken Dirty Bun also being nice and this time it didn’t disappoint. I was still pleasantly surprised at my enjoyment of the inclusion of honey mustard mayo but I can be excused because the combination of the mayo with the other ingredients together (lightly tenderly grilled chicken and Asian slaw all inside a mini version of those soft white Japanese buns) still worked.

It’s strange reading back the previous review that I ranked the Fried Chicken Dirty Bun as 2nd as that’s the one that I remembered the most from our previous visit and why I ordered two this time. I feel like I might have mistyped last time and listed them in the wrong order of preference! ??‍♂ Anyway I digress… this “bun” with the lightly fried  succulent battered chicken, pickled cucumber and onion with that sublime sriracha sauce is still the most delicious concoction of them all and now definitely ranked number one for me! ???

PEPPER MAN: Well I’m definitely not going for the crispy fried chicken burger. Forget that! I remember from last time that that was a huge disappointment. I recall Cheese Lover ordered the sliders and he was banging on about them for ages so I thought let me do the same and if it’s not great I can blame him. I ordered the fried chicken slider, buffalo slider and fried chicken dirty burger slider.

Earlier from the wings we ordered, I really enjoyed the buffalo wings. I’m not usually a fan of them but these were just right. Not too tangy or hot, just Juicy and flavoursome. That being the case I had high hopes with the buffalo slider but how wrong was I? It was like I bit into a lemon. It was completely different to the wings I had. It literally made my eyes squint. I couldn’t even finish it. Horrible.

Next up was the standard fried chicken slider. Another disappointing burger. I took more bites out of this one but I couldn’t finish it. The bacon jam they used isn’t nice at all. I must say though for sliders they are very generous in size. No complaints there.

My final slider was the dirty fried chicken burger. WOW! That’s all I can say. If you’re going to Absurd Bird, just order the dirty burger sliders. They are beautiful. Forget brioche. What ever this bun is, it’s the new ting, the real ting…THE ONLY TING!!! I was vex I didn’t order 3 of these. I am definitely going back just for those sliders. They are THAT good!

THE VEGAN ?: I am still in relapse mode so i thought why not give it another try,
I know what to avoid this time… the Barbecue pulled chicken burger is defo a no go after last time! ??‍♂ and we’ve attended on a quieter day of the week this time so the possibilities of errors should be minimal…. or so we thought! ?

This time round I decided to get a selection so I went for the sliders. Seeing as it was 50% off. I went innnn for the big 5! Yezzer!!! I chose the black bean, buffalo, barbecue chicken and 2 dirty fried chicken sliders.

I was impressed at the black bean slider. Very tasty. The buffalo and barbecue were average nothing to shout about.. but the dirty Fried chicken sliders… now these just made this relapse worth it!!

The texture of the bun and the tender chicken melting in your mouth after one bite was just awesome. I didn’t even feel guilty again after that…. I was happy I had the relapse! Hello meat!! ??

If I do have another relapse in the (near ?) distant future it will be for that slider! ? P.S. Veg I still love you… sorry I cheated!

SERVICE: So let’s talk about Sweet Tooth’s invisibility. After waiting patiently for someone to acknowledge him whilst standing on his own at the entrance, the lady greeting customers (who he swears saw him standing there alone slightly before) completely bypassed him standing at the front of what was by then, (some 5mins later), a group of 4 people which was actually him by himself plus a group of 3 people behind him that only just arrived, to ask the tall white man of that group if they had a table / booking etc. The woman of the group then said “I think he’s before us” referring to Sweet Tooth.

“The cheek of it is that the member of staff then said she thought we were all together!! #bruh My thing is even if she did think that, why bypass me? Let me be clear here, I mean why physically walk around me like I’m invisible, like I‘m a stationary object in her way to ask the other guy, if i’m at the front of the group and you think we’re together? #dpmo ???‍♂ “ he says once we were seated. He was not happy!

However, once we got our table the service improved as the waiter was polite, friendly and knew his way around the menu. He had good banter and made for a good enough experience to put the negative beginning to the back of our minds. Oh yeah, we almost forgot… the food arrived quickly this time round but they still got some of the order wrong and still didn’t have any milkshakes! #fail


OVERALL: The experience on the whole was an improvement on our previous visit. Although it was deemed a quieter day the restaurant was bustling with people and fairly busy for a Wednesday, probably due to the fact they were offering 50% off the food bill… well, Man Dem had to take advantage of that!

#AbsurdBird is definitely a place to go for a meet up with friends for a casual bite to eat, especially if you‘re in the mood for chicken but bear in mind it’s not your Michelin star establishment so don’t expect to be amazed.

SCORE: 3 out of 6 mandems.