London’s newest #foodbloggers @mandemvfood decided to put The @jamaicapattyco to the test. A relatively new and somewhat unheard of food outlet on the back lanes of#coventgarden Would it stand up to its originators in #Jamaica #Juicybeef #mothers and #Tastees patty outlets.

JPC4Impressive! Firstly #Jamaican #patties are supposed to be made with NON greasy flake pastry. It’s safe to say that the #JamaicaPattyCO (JPC) have this down to a fine art… Light, layered and very tasty! The patty filling, in this case #spicybeef was well seasoned, not salty or bland and shock horror, we could actually see mincemeat in the patty. This demonstrates the quality of the patty, and if you look very carefully you can see elements of the seasoning i.e thyme, onions etc. It is very important to note, the actual size of the patty was decent in size, not a Man Dem size but enough to tide man over till dinner!

JPC3As this was a lunch stop, food was purchased over the counter. Staff members were polite. However, their understanding of the products could be better. There is seating downstairs which is clean with calming sounds of reggae music in the background (perfect for a lunch hour).  The main gripe with JPC is the price point for all patties. All patties are north of £3 which we think is pricey, but I’m sure the owners would say that the quality justifies the price and to be fair we would agree. The meal deal is a great deal! Any patty, drink (Jamaican ginger beer or Ting) and @Gracefoods #plantainchips not to be confused with plantain crisps (big difference) for £5.

JPC1A nice alternative to the #M&S sandwich or calorific #McDonalds. The meal deal alone makes JPC worth visiting on a regular basis, if you are in the Covent Garden Area.