This is becoming a regular ting… another trip for the #ManDem south of the river, #Brixton again! This time the destination is @dipflippo – a burger joint with a difference, a burger joint where they dip your burger in gravy!! Wait… what? They do what now?!? Yep, you read correctly… let us explain.

There are 3 main options…

1. Dip & Flip burger is a burger that has a topping of meat (beef or lamb) dipped in gravy with gravy served on the side for extra dipping.

2. Dip burger is a roll with the meat (roast chicken, roast beef or slow roast lamb) dipped in gravy with option to double dip it, which means you can dip the roll in gravy too!

3. Flip burgers are your normal every day burgers with gravy served on the side.

Ok, sounds interesting… let’s do this!!

**Sidenote: We decided to skip starters as we didn’t have the full team out on this occasion and they only had wings which only came in one flavour choice, which the waitress described as very spicy and #PepperMan wasn’t up for the challenge today!

PEPPER MAN: I ordered the dip and flip lamb burger. I chose the lamb because I thought I would have something different rather than the usual beef as it’s not like me to take risks with my food very often. ?
I also pushed the boat out and had the milkshake of the month, which was chocolate & banana crumble. The crumble part was digestive biscuit mixed in with the shake. It was actually really nice, so nice I finished it in one gulp! The consistency was perfect. Not too thick or too runny.

Although the restaurant wasn’t that busy, there were quite a few people dining whilst we visited. There was only one waitress covering the whole restaurant but amazingly my burger came in record time… It was so quick! I definitely weren’t complaining I was just surprised at the speed. It was hot all the way through and the cheese was dripping all over the lamb dipped in gravy sandwiched between a luke warm
brioche bun. I took a big bite and it was a total mess. There was gravy and melted cheese everywhere but WOW! We have another contender for best burger! Seriously, it was heavenly. The meat was tender and moist from the gravy. I wasn’t too keen on dipping my burger in a gravy. I couldn’t work out the link. The meat in gravy made sense but not the whole burger. Anyway I gave it a try and I can honestly say, I won’t be doing that again. It was disappointing and almost spoiled my experience of eating this fine tasting burger. It literally just makes the whole burger soggy. It was foul. Sorry. Stick to the basics. There’s obviously a reason why no one else does this.

Life is NOT better when dipped in gravy.

THE VEGAN ?: I got the potato Rosti Burger with a fried egg and squeezy cheesy fries. I was a bit hesitant about getting this burger. The fried egg had me scratching my brow like… Uhhmmm, how is this gonna work? But the mandem don’t get shook easily so on that note… I’m going in! When it arrived, it was presented well. The brioche was lightly toasted (just how i like it) but I was watching the egg as if it was watching me.. ?.. man was #cautious dread! But I thought, I am not letting this egg deter me. Soooooooo… The first bite was a BIG one, just to get the flavours moving around the mouth so I can gage the full extent of this weird combination. Well! As I was chomping on the medley of rosti, fried egg, gherkins and ketchup I had an outburst (I even surprised myself!) ‘this burger is actually nice!’ …aannddd it was tasty! The rosti did come across a bit dry but the gherkins compensated for that so it was not that bad…. Yes, I can definitively say “The burger was nice dread!”

The squeezy cheesy fries were well seasoned and topped with a mixture of cheeses. However, I must say after a while I found the cheese too much, in fact it became overbearing, almost all cheese and no fries. Not so much cheese is needed in my opinion, it should compliment the fries not drown them. But all round it was a good eat. Yo #SweetTooth what was your meal saying?

SWEET TOOTH: So I decided to go for the “Dip” which isn’t actually a burger, but more of a sub as it were. On the menu described as “Our daily roast meats served in a freshly baked bread roll with cabbage slaw and pickles along with your choice of sauce and dipping preference.” #decisionsdecisions

Out of a choice of roast chicken, roast beef topside or slow roast lamb, the chicken wasn’t available so for me the only choice was the lamb #favouritemeat n all that, the beef had no chance! In fact, who am I kidding, even if the chicken was available it still would have lost to the might of meat that is lamb!! Of the 3 sauce options (mint, horseradish cream or garlic lemon mayo) I chose the mint… like who doesn’t choose mint sauce with lamb anyway?!? Anything else would have been a sin!! I also decided to have it ‘dipped’ – where just the meat is dipped, rather than ‘double dipped’ – where they dip the meat AND the roll!! Yeah, I can’t get my head round it either! I ain’t risking it, i’ll leave them tings to man like #PepperMan ? I ordered my standard sweet potato fries for my side (if they’re on the menu I’m ordering them) n a special order strawberry & banana milkshake. Special shout out to our waitress Andrelina(?) for the hookup. The milkshake had good flavour although it could have been thicker for my preference.

The food arrived in record time n it looked relatively standard in appearance when it came. I tried the sweet potato fries first… wait a minute… What is this? They are AMAZING!! I’m confused… they are just sweet potato fries… why is this my reaction? #calmdownbruv Well these are not just any sweet potato fries… these are the best I’ve tasted in all the #MDVF visits BY FAR!! They were the colour that good sweet potato fries should be, (you know that ‘golden orange’ lol) and had that light crisp n crunch on the outside and were slightly fluffy on the inside but that’s not even the best bit! The best bit, the bit that lifted them from Premiership to World Cup level was the delicate sprinkling of salt n some other herb that I wanna say is rosemary but I can’t be sure. I was so mesmerised by the taste I forgot to ask our waitress what it was. All I know is, if you go there, get them. #thatisall

Now, for the #Dip. Oozing an overload of meat n gravy dripping down the side of the bottom half of the bun it looked a hot mess! But don’t let looks deceive you cos a hot mess it was not! The top of the bun seemed hard to touch but when you bit into it “Oh man!” it was perfect! It was just how you want a bun/roll to be (if it’s not brioche) the light crisp, flaky crust then complete soft n light bread underneath. It complimented the succulent n tender lamb perfectly. The lamb was doused in the mint sauce which had a nice ratio of mint flavour to gravy/sauce consistency and made the meat simply juicy. The mint flavour wasn’t overbearing so provided a nice compliment of flavour and as I continued to devour this tasty dish discovering the pickle and cabbage slaw as I bit further and further into it just made for a plethora of flavours that was intense to say the least. I did dip the roll into the accompanying gravy for one bite but surprisingly that lessened the pleasure as it made the roll taste more of the gravy than anything else. I would definitely recommend this dish to anyone but don’t dip #justeat

SERVICE: The service was not outstanding but (as mentioned earlier) for the waitress to be covering the whole restaurant and the service still to be a fairly high standard is commendable. Our waitress was very polite and bubbly. Marks for her knowledge of the menu and guidance on how the dip concept works. Had certain man #baffed
The restaurant was simple and neat with not too much going on in the decor department. The atmosphere was moderate but maybe that’s because of the time we attended. Location suggests weekends would be busy.

OVERALL: The concept of Dip and Flip may be confusing at first and it will need an explanation for some, The Vegan ? was struggling! But the food was well put together and some of their experiments seems to work. The dishes we had were flavourful and we would definitely recommend them if you were to visit #dipandflip. The restaurant is a good destination for any casual meet up whether a date, friendly catch up or for a group occasion. If you’re in the area or wanna try this concept of gravy with your burger, why not pass through and take a dip!

SCORE: 4 out of 6 mandems