Based in the Old Fire Station right next to Tottenham Town Hall, #ChickenTown has apparently been open for business for almost 2 years! The concept (taken from their website) states “because we’re a social enterprise: we serve up our affordable, healthy and tasty food not for a profit, but for the benefit of the local community.”

We like to support our own so with this in mind the @ManDemVFood decided to check it out and show some community spirit.

SWEET TOOTH: I was the first to arrive at @chickent0wn (ha ha in your face #PepperMan) and the place was rather dull and completely empty. Not sure if that’s a good or bad sign for a Thursday evening. I was seated by the waitress Kyra, who was polite and welcoming, offering me a drink straight away and brought over a jug of water and some glasses and menus for the table… she seemed on the ball. Most of the #ManDem arrived shortly after, except #TheManager who was quite late, unusual for him.


Once he arrived we ordered the starters straightaway… wings of course! At chicken town there were two types, BBQ wings and Korean style, we had both. Each was tasty, but the Korean stood out for me as the flavour was more intense, plus I could manage them as they weren’t hot as their description suggested but had a little kick, more like what a generous addition of black pepper tastes like.

For my main I opted for the pieces (you get the leg + breast part of the chicken with a choice of crumb) rather than a burger and chose the “Fancy Pants”, which is a rosemary salt and lemon crumb flavour. This came with 2 sides for £10, so I added sweet potato wedges and onion rings. The presentation left a lot to be desired but hopefully that wasn’t reflected in the taste. The chicken had a good flavour coating but the meat itself, although succulent, was flavourless. The sweet potato wedges were basically a bowl of mashed sweet potato pieces with their skin on, no solid form or shape to them at all.  The onion rings also had a nice flavour coating but were too greasy so I only ate one. I was deeply disgruntled with my meal. I am undecided whether I should give them another try or just add them to the “at least I tried it” pile.

THE MANAGER: I arrived late, but hey ho! I’m the manager! I wish, got a cussing because the mandem were hungry, as Bob Marley said ….. “a hungry man is an angry man”

We all looked at the menu and regardless of where we go we order wings, whether they are hot wings or bingo wings. We seem to be turning into chicken wing experts!

Wings arrived and looked promising, not well presented I may add, but maybe it was a no thrills ting, and it was all about the taste like the wings we had at #Boomburger. I dived in, and first thing was the wings weren’t hot, as in freshly fried, baked, cooked (however they prepare them), but I can’t say they lacked in taste. I will say that the Korean wings were awesome, mentioned to #CheeseLover that these wings were on par with those that we had at #clutch! Man shot me down quick (but they are imo).


I went on to order a side of Macaroni cheese, cheesy jalapeño chips, and an SAS (smokey and spicy chicken burger with coleslaw, lime mayo and a slice of cheddar). Sigh! was I disappointed, the chips and the burger again were not fresh to the point that they were not hot, possibly below Luke warm, I mean how can chips not be hot when they come straight out of the kitchen? It’s not like the restaurant was full and the place was bustling with people and vibes! The macaroni cheese was OK, I can’t say more than that, very cheesy and yes it was hot, but no wow factor, nothing that makes me want to tell you “Go NOW and taste this dish from Chicken Town”, it was just ok. Would I have it again? Yeah, if Nando’s wasn’t close.


On to the SAS Burger, for me anything that is named after the Special Air Service should be dangerous, spicy hot like a #whitemencantjerk chicken wing, or the taste profile should be soooooo intense due to secret ingredients that my mind is blown away! But no, it was just a chicken sandwich, the bun was burnt, and as stated before the chicken in the burger was warm, not hot. It was supposed to be smokey and spicy, tasted neither, SAS more like Dad’s Army if you ask me!

PEPPER MAN: I was going to order the SAS chicken burger, but when I heard The Manager order it, I swiftly changed my mind, kept it basic and chose the classic burger. This comes filled with coleslaw and a slice of cheese. As you already know, chicken and cheese doesn’t make sense to me so i made sure they didn’t include it in my burger. As soon as my burger came I was surprised of how basic it really was. It reminded me of one of those 1 minute microwave burgers. It was a fat piece of chicken (the thigh) but the circumference was small. I took a bite and it was nothing special. If I’m being totally honest I would have preferred a fillet burger from #KFC. A couple more bites and the burger was done. Very disappointing. I didn’t order fries so that was my meal done. They’re just lucky their Korean wings are banging otherwise I would have been fuming.

CHEESE LOVER: Chicken Town… it was so poor I don’t want to write about it! I have had better burgers from a disposable BBQ! Probably the worst burger I’ve ever had! I’m never going back! They should sack the chefs, close down the restaurant and let the firemen back in to make better use of the building!

“Manager intervention”

He refused to comment further on the food and the restaurant, and stands by the idea that it should be turned back into a fire station, however for the insubordination he will face a formal investigation!

OVERALL: The Man Dem love the idea of the concept of Chicken Town, especially the Junior Special options, where they use the profits for the main meals to enable them to provide meals for the young people in the area at a price similar to the more ‘traditional’ chicken shops in the area from as little as £2 for a more healthy version of what these young people love. Great idea!

However, we feel they need to work on the taste of the food as if it stays as it is, they may not last long in this battle for the young people’s custom. Granted we attended in the evening which is outside the timespan that the Junior Special is offered so we have no idea how busy it gets during that time on a daily basis, but considering it was a Thursday evening it didn’t get much busier as the night went on, which isn’t a good sign. We hope, for the young people, the community and the sake of the business that the empty place in the evening isn’t a mimic of it’s daily custom.

SCORE: 1 out of 6 mandems