Last night the Man Dem visited @tramshedshoreditcha almost hidden away in the heart of #Shoreditch #Tramshed is famous for it’s outlandish portions and “whole” chicken.

Based on the principle of grilled food, comprising of chicken and various grades of steaks. The #Chicken served whole (minus the head) was lightly seasoned, allowing you to taste the grade of chicken in comparison to #Nandos and #TGIF who’s chicken dishes which areIMG_5050 coated in seasoning/marinade which begs the question “What grade of chicken are you getting from Nandos and TGI? Are the sauces to make up for the lack of quality in the #poultry ” We’ll let you think about that!

The #Steaks ranged in size and it was plain to see that the different variations i.e #porterhousesteak #chateuxsteak and#ribonthebone are cut to leave you full, and satisfied.

Left a lot to be desired, as it took us nearly an hour to be seated. However, once seated the service was on point, and for the delay in getting the table the Man Dem received free starters, and the Man Dem love a free ting! The waiters and waitresses were very attentive, even offering to carve the steak from the bone, and take off the feet of the whole chicken prior to eating. And one other MAJOR plus point #kidseatfree !!! ℹ️Yes kids under 10 eat for freeeeeeeee!

The atmosphere and table layout suggests that this is the perfect place for a lads or girls night out. Open plan restaurant with long tables, meaning you can easily book for parties of 5 – 20 and be seated with comfort. The food presentation is unique, its rare you visit a restaurant where they leave the feet on the chicken, but this adds to the experience and one that the Man Dem would re-live. For us #Tramshed is more suited to groups rather than couples, but if you are a couple who don’t mind a loud atmosphere you will not feel out of place.


Score: 5.5 out of 6 Man Dems