So the Man Dem went our separate ways at @streetfeastldn and cheeseburgers are my thing. I don’t mess around with those fancy burgers with jalapeƱos or chilli etc I just keep it simple. Bun, burger (medium well), cheese, bit of lettuce and a tomato finished off with a variety of sauces, depending on the restaurant.

Blecker5So I was delighted to spot @bleeckerburger at #streetfeast. A burger brand I had come across on #twitter with lots of positive comments. I shot over there faster than #UsainBolt at #Rio2016, threw up my lightning bolt sign and ordered, what else…. A cheese burger, (with chips) of course! (I didn’t actually do the lightning bolt thing lol).
So, my current favourite burger is from @pattyandbun and I was expecting #bleeckerburger to be of a similar standard. Getting straight to the point, it wasn’t. Bland, lacking some flavour, lacking any flavour! What was all the fuss about on Twitter? I have cooked tastier burgers on my #GeorgeForeman grill at home! It felt like they were not fussed about a “simpler” cheeseburger compared to other fancy burgers, just stick it in a bun, add the slab of cheese, job done. Hey cheeseburger fans need love too you know!
How disappointing, there is so much more to a proper cheeseburger, the sauce especially separates premiership burgers to championship burgers which is the league I would place Bleecker Burger.

In short, I should have gone to @sliderbar_ldn see Slider Review