Jerk, let’s not beat around the bush. It’s from #Jamaica, it’s a staple, one of those things that unless you are a #Rasta or #Vegan you would have tasted. The questions that need to be asked would be 1. “Is it #authentic?”, 2. “Is it cooked on a jerk pan?”, 3. “Can white men #jerk #chicken?!?” Wait, what! Yes, we said it “Can white men jerk chicken?!?”

Nooooo, before you start complaining to our sponsors, we are not having a dig! White Men Can’t Jerk ( @wmcj_ldn ) is what they call themselves, a street food vendor, event caterer and private catering company; tell you what, the name definitely got our attention but does the gimmick in the name live up to the reality?

WMCJ2To ensure we sampled the best we ordered a starter called #itsawingting simply put, fresh and crispy chicken wings, not jerked but in their own chilli garnish. First word, after the first bite was #WOW The freshness of the chicken, the quality of the chicken, the taste of the #southernfried coating was perfect, spot on, amazing taste, one of those taste sensations you don’t want to end, nearly ended up with the man dem having to do #rockpaperscissors for the last one, and to think next up was the signature jerk chicken!

Now to the reason for the visit? The #jerkchicken Firstly, let’s answer those questions. 1) It is definitely authentic as they cook the chicken on a proper #jerkpan, so flame cookedWMCJ3 chicken, none of this pre-cooked rubbish you get from other vendors in London. 2) the Jerk seasoning is a recipe that the owner had learnt while living in Jamaica, with a few extras added to make it a seasoning unique to #WhiteMenCantJerk, I wonder what #usainbolt would make of that?

The chicken grade was a good
quality, as good as the wings, we were impressed that the chicken was prime and deboned, yes! NO BONES! Some may say that’s a bad thing but personally it worked for us, deal with the meat, leave the #bones alone!
The mix of their Jerk seasoning was on point, in all honesty we couldn’t taste anything unique in the seasoning but that didn’t mean it took away from the amazing flavours we experienced, to the point that one of the #mandem who isn’t a fan of jerk chicken (we know, mad man) loved it and wanted more! This answering the 3rd and final question, as guys from #Caribbean backgrounds, tasting jerk chicken in Jamaica, UK, and other places that have jerk pans these white men can MOST definitely jerk!! So make sure you check them out at… You will NOT be disappointed!!